Ceramic Mural - 'Wanderlust'

Sculptural Ceramics by Artist Rekha Goyal, Mumbai, India

Tales in Time - Installation at India Design 2014

'Pretty Blue Cup' by Ceramic Artist Rekha Goyal

To design and create a site-specific mural in ceramics, you can get in touch with me here. I design for residential as well as public spaces such as hotels and corporate offices.


Meanwhile, you can see some of my previous work here.


Ceramics as a medium is great for both indoor and outdoor spaces and to create murals that can be earthy and modern at the same time.


Handcrafted Tableware

My studio creates a boutique range of handmade tableware in ceramics; only the ones we really enjoy. So shopping for them is informal – you can come by to my studio to identify and buy your mug amongst other things, or order it on my online shop.


The work is packed in elegant khaki boxes so they make for ready-to-go gifts.


We can do deliveries within Mumbai and courier to the rest of the country.


Pottery Classes

The Beginner’s course in pottery & ceramics is one of our regular courses. Click here for details.


Advanced Modules are customised, you can speak to me for details.


We also have single-session Workshops for those who cannot do a full course. Click here for details.

The Latest

Metal enameling workshop at The Pottery Lab!

We are hosting enamel artist Kavita Dhankar from Sanskriti Kendra, New Delhi to conduct a series of metal enameling workshops at The Pottery Lab this February. Details and registration are here.

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